8 legitimate freelance websites for beginners.

If you’ve ever thought of taking up freelancing as a career; then you must be aware of the top websites or rather the best or the legit websites for freelance jobs. 
Most of the blogs listing freelancing websites begin with sites like upwork, freelancer, odesk etc. Now, these websites are no doubt used by millions across the globe and surely are no scam. 

But, one major drawback of these top websites is that; the competition here is too tough. People have been using these sites for more than five to ten years. They have a sort of fixed customer base that just keeps growing with every project they complete. 

It’s not that newbies cannot compete them or reach their level of perfection of doing a certain task, it’s just that they have a lot of experience which gets them benefited to a certain extent. 

I personally think that as newbies we should begin from a place where we don’t constantly have the pressure of a tough competition; where we get to work and gain some experience and reputation in the freelance market. 

Keeping the above thought in mind, I scoured through the net looking for websites that aren’t so heavily filled with experienced freelancers and still are genuine and pay quite well. These sites offer different kinds of freelance jobs from photography to content writing to coding and programming as well. 


This website offers a wide range of freelance jobs. It is used by people from all across the globe but, it’s not as hevely filled with people as upwork and freelancer. 


As it’s name suggests, this website focuses on freelance writers only. It offers jobs like content writing, article writing, copywriting and other online jobs like these. One good thing about this site is that it ranks you based on the feedback that your client provides, and as your rank increases so does your pay per article. 


Now this is again a website for freelance writers. It is based in India and is quite new. A plus point about this website is that you need to pass a test before you’re signed up by them, this prevents the site from being spammed by those who just want to earn a few bucks online and aren’t serious about writing. 


This website is for those people who love travelling and doing exciting stuff. Most of these people have only one problem, “how do I earn and enjoy at the same time? “. This site connects to various ski resorts, tour companies etc. These resorts offer you jobs at places where you can work and enjoy at the same time. This site has been up and working since 1995 so, yes it’s genuine. 


This website solely focuses on technical jobs. All the coders and programmers out there, this site is for you. Look through the website and you’ll end with some good projects. 


This site works on a slightly different criteria. Most of the jobs listed on this site are by start-ups. If you’re willing to get paid for helping a start-up build their enterprise then you should definitely check this site out. 


This is a website for all creative freelancers. You can find jobs for programmers to graphic designers. It’s mainly geared towards connecting the bright creative minds across the globe. 


Localsolo is a site that mainly connects you to local jobs or freelancers. You can find almost any type of freelance job here, signing up is free on this site. 

I listed a few sites that I think will help you find a job as a newbie in the freelance industry. If you know of anymore such sites; you can definitely list them in the comments. Happy reading! 


9 ways to make money online(doing almost nothing)

Wondering how to make some extra cash in your spare time? Don’t feel like doing too much work to earn these few buck? Here’s a list of 9 sites that’ll will help you earn while doing nothing and sitting at home.

Looking for ways to earn some extra cash in your free time?
Well, then this blog is for you. You can visit these sites and do some simple online chores to earn a few extra bucks, even if you’re a student, a stay at home single-mom or an employ with relatively lower wages. I went through multiple sites online, collecting a list of sites that will pay you to do almost nothing in exchange of money.
You can sit at home in your shorts; with your laptop in hand and an internet connection and boom! That’s all you’ll need to earn this side money.

NOTE: This list will surely help you earn some cash, but you need to keep in mind that these sites won’t help you pay your bills. You can earn some bucks here and there, but it won’t be enough to survive on it. So, here goes:


Swag bucks is the currency that this site uses. You can shop, play games, watch vedios and browse using this site to earn swagbucks. They’ve recently started giving swagbucks for music reviews as well. You can cash out either in gift cards and coupons or using paypal you can get your cash.


If you’re a music lover and you know what kind of music is appealing to people, slicethepie is definitely for you. This site pays its users to write reviews for different types of music geners. Budding singers and bands put their songs up on this site to see what people have to say about it. The pay is quite low in the beginning though. If slicethepie isn’t available in your country; you can also check out, musicxray(it’s relatively less popular though).


Do you mind watching a few ads per day in exchange of money? If not then fronto is your thing. You must be unlocking your cellphone quite a few times a day, fronto displays short ads on your lock screen. You can either click their link and watch the whole vedios or trailors or just swipe away, you’ll be paid anyway. The pay is very low but that is negligible, compared to the non-exsistent amount of work you’re doing. There is one small drawback to this app, it consumes a quite a bit of your device charging, so you might want to check that.


Are you one of those people who’re addicted to TV? You have a list of your favourite TV shows? RewardTV pays its users to answer a few fun questions about thier favourite TV shows. If you’re a television buff, you can spend a few hours on this site and earn some extra cash.


This is a fun site to be on. You can do any task here and earn a minimum of $5. All tasks are called gigs here. A gig can be anything from writing an article to being someone’s internet friend. No gig is paid less than $5. The only difficult part about fiverr is; landing a gig.

Rent a friend

Can you imagine being paid to be someone’s friend? Rentafriend.com is a site where you can get paid to be shown around or go to a movie or hangout with someone for sometime. All you do is signup and create a nice profile, if somebody likes your profile, they can request you to be their friend. You can then charge £5-£30 per hour and make some money.

Serve Legal

If you’re a 18-19 year old sitting ideal at home in your vacations, you can join this site. It pays the users to go to pubs and buy drinks. Surprised are you? It basically needs young folks to check if pubs are serving drinks to potentially underage people.


Ever thought that deleting emails could be a loss of your money? Well, it seems so now. when you sign up with paribus; it scans through all your email archives for receipts of any old purchases that you made on sites like amazon, target or one of the other 16 retailers registered with this site. It tracks the cost of your purchase and gets you a refund every time the price of you purchase falls.


If you like clicking pictures and usually do that on your smartphone, you can install this free app. All you have to do is click a picture with nice aesthetics and relatively good definition and upload it. Whenever someone will buy your picture, you’ll get a commission and it won’t need more than a minute to click a good picture.

Final word:

These sites might come in handy when you’ve spare time and need extra cash. But, if you’re looking for some long time work, that’ll eventually help you build your career, then this isn’t the place for you. If you have come across any such sites that pay for doing almost nothing, please leave it in the comments below. Happy reading!